I found a diary!

I was walking alone on the road in the evening. It was almost dark everywhere around.
Road lights were there but few.
The road wasn’t much crowded.
Weather was getting stormy.
I was on my way back to evening walk.
I was almost about to leave that road and enter in the street to my place that at the roadside I found a piece of paper, it was blank, it was torn out from the sides and was dirty in appearance.
The road light was blurred.
I couldn’t see if there was an another piece of paper too or maybe some other stuff too.
Meanwhile I felt something beneath my feet. It was a hard, not so hard thing. It was a diary in the same torn out condition as of the piece of paper I just found.
I picked it up. It was hard to manage the pages because it seemed like each and every page wanted to get detach from the diary, as if they no longer wanted to bear the pain, the ignorance. They were crying. Yes, the pages were crying bad, the blue ink spread in the parts of the pages was their tears.
I was shocked. How on the Earth could I find someone’s diary on the road and pick it up like a thief! Arrrghhh
I opened the first page but i couldn’t find any info about the owner of that diary except “DON’T READ IT” written in bold letters.
I got scared.
My heart started beating fast as I stared those words for long, in shock and fear.
I put the diary aside, thought for a while and re opened the pages.
Nothing, no words. All I could see was the spreaded blue ink.
The last page took my breath away. I saw the date written on the last page. 15 march, 1997. Its my birthdate. A year before I was born. Was that a mere coincidence! Fuck, how could it be!
I put the diary. I was in utter shock. I could not sleep whole night. It was a sign. I knew. A frightening one. I couldn’t understand. I will never.


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