I am quitting Internet

Yes, the title says it right. It has been almost a decade with this little baby ‘Internet’ and I think its the time to leave it. It is going to be one of the hardest decisions in my life but I know that a lot is going to change. I feel myself trapped badly most of the times for a few months now. I can barely concentrate on my real life since I always find myself living my fake life. I can not just blame social media even if I want to! Internet, as a whole, has been an acute pain in my ass for a long time! Its not that I have not thought quitting it before but as I already mentioned, I am trapped badly!

Coming to the point now, I can not leave Internet wholly since I am a student and digital life sucks; assignments and research work require Google, thus cutting the option of quitting Internet for another year till I complete my studies!

Then there is Social Media! I can totally kick it off! Bye bye Instagram and Musical.ly. I can not leave Whatsapp since I am abroad and WhatsApp is the only means to make calls back home.

Youtube? Bye

Netflix? Bye

Facebook? Already left

Twitter? Never really liked and used

Snapchat? Never liked it

There is a lot in my way and it sucks that I can not quit Internet completely. But its a promise to myself, one day I will and that day my friend, is not too far!


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