It no more hurts..

Staring the moon!
Remembering old times.
*Everything* was Good! It brings a smile on my face when i think about it.

It hurts no more..
I no more miss *that* unless I think about it.
It has been a long time.
And I’m okay. I knew I would be. I knew it from the very start. I knew I would make it. And I did.
Or can say now I’m used to. But I’m happy.
The void is permanent yet it no more hurts.
Unconditional love is a very bad thing because it changes you, changes you wholly!
You can never get back to the OLD YOU even if you try hard like hell!
Some things are just irreversible and so is this. So is ME.
But the newer version is always better you know. And when you love yourself you can get through any damn thing and stand again! All you gotta do is Believe, believe in yourself, in the Almighty.

You write about it because you’re happy that you didn’t break to the extreme and managed to pass through!

You write about it because you know this thing has changed you for good, for better when you see yourself standing stronger in the unfavourable situations!

You write about it because you’re not guilty about it rather you know that you’ll cherish this thing forever as one of the sweetest times of your life!

You write about it because it hurts no more.


The Words.

Words. They are many. In her.
Words that reside in her as a part of her are what she cherish!
Words have always helped her eversince she came to know about their relation with her, the eternal relation!
She wanted to know, to realise, to understand, to accept every action and decision of hers through her writings, with the help of the words.
Words that her mind and fingers together choose.
Words that shows exactly same what she couldn’t through any other media.
Words have been making her complete, everyday.
It feels like she is a creation of them!

Words are her friends for life. Not because she chose them but because they choose her everyday, even if she want to get away from them for a while, they never leave her, stuck with her till eternity!
This everlasting bonding of them with her is what all she knows and believe!
They will never Leave her. This truth she knows well about and the reason why she believes in them!

Words discovered the Writer in her and for that she would be thankful to them for her whole life.
Words have always been with her since her childhood. She remember how interested and curious she was to know the new words and how the bond grew stronger and stronger.
This attachment with them made her to think. To think about the reason. And she got the answer in the form of her writings.
She writes everyday. Sometimes 2 times a day. Its not scheduled to write everyday but it happens naturally.
The fingers and the mind fight with each other for some seconds and she picks up the phone and start writing. The topics are never decided. The lengths are never known.
She Starts. In between the role of words. She ends.

Words have given her power, magic and a reason to taste life in its best way!

Sweet September!

Last few days of September!❤

I’ve this special connection with September!
Every year it brings surprises! Mostly shocking ones!

But this year, its different
September has never been this peaceful for years!
I am thankful to God for this!
I’m afraid of this month.

The onset of September every year makes me question myself this one question- Ready to get pissed off?

Though every time I stand strong but the scars this month leaves in my life doesn’t heal fast!
Life, as we know it, is full of surprises and changes!
I guess its my change! New September!

But if seen from a different angle, it may not be the month that has been changed, it might be me!
My more mature self!
The one who is capable of withstanding any fuckin’ situation!

One more time!

Old writing! Craving!

Make it happen again
One more time!
I promise I’ll make it last till eternity
All the doubts we had
The reasons that separated us
The time which wasn’t ours
The love which was immature
We will forget these all
To make a new start
It will be You And Me and it will last forever!
One more time hold my hand
I promise I’ll hold it in all the bad times then
Give it a chance!
You’ll see the craving this time
One more time make me yours
I promise I’ll never let you down
Love me again the way you did
Just one more time
And then I’ll freeze that time forever
Wanna love you like this forever
And forever isn’t only mere the word here!
It means that real forever
The one which has no ending
Wanna love you till then
You gotta just give it the one last chance!
I promise I’ll not demand anything then!
One last chance!
Make it happen for one more time!
One last time!