Love Lasts

Innocence on some faces is permanent!
They did the unexpected with you
Broke you once, wholly
Betrayed you
But whenever you look into their eyes, at their innocent face, you forgive ’em for everything in a moment!
You forgive ’em everyday.
You just can’t stop loving ’em coz that’s called love in its truest sense, that’s the unending power of love; of eternal love.
It never ends, only gets more and more intense as the time passes by!
Looking at ’em randomly sometimes feels heavenly.
It is like you’re sitting in heaven in the company of stars and the brightest one among ’em is the one sitting right next you! Magical it is.
It is like your soul meet theirs for a fraction of second till the eye contact lasts.
That quick meeting of souls is incredible,
leaves you mesmerized for a moment,
makes you feel complete for a second,
turns out you to the world’s happiest soul from the lost one till the eyes blink!
The effect lasts for some minutes or more and that feels divine!
Love is the strongest emotion in the world. You can never let it go.
Love lasts!
Till eternity, I know.


The Void

Hurt can’t be unhurt
Love can’t be unlove

Some voids can never get re-filled and the one which is the result of heartbreak is on the top!
You know its there, the void, right there in your heart, quiet, calm, residing there for a long time since the hurt.
You try to re-fill it often with something relatable to the thing which it had once; the time when it wasn’t called void rather it was the most beautiful place you’ve had ever known!
You try to make it like that again
You try to ornate it with the same old things which it had; the love; the magical feeling; the emotions but it is very stubborn!
It doesn’t listen or even look at you.
It pretends to fake its existence but fails.
It doesn’t like you for keeping it empty this long.
It hates you for not being able to mend it again.
You try your best but some things are irreversible you know!
But It doesn’t know.
It has been and still waiting for the thing which would fill it, complete it.

Someday! This is the word. This is the only hope.
They say Somedays never come; it is nothing but an illusion.
But I believe in this word. The void also believes in it.
I hope this Someday to come soon!
For the void, for me.
Someday, everything will be the best in every way.
Someday, there will be no complaints.
Someday, there will be no cravings!
Someday, there will be no grudges between me and the void.

Someday, I will be able to re-fill it, to complete it.


It gets you started.
It keeps you going.
Without interest, there is nothing in this world that you can do by heart! You can never keep going satisfactorily in anything without interest.
But sometimes in life, we choose things that we have no interest in. We try to develop some interest and many a times we get successful too but later on we realize that it was temporary. Temporary interest can be developed with proper concentration and determination but as is clear by the name i.e. temporary, it doesn’t last. We try again. And so on.
Trying helps. It helps us in achieving what we want. We get results but don’t get satisfied. We don’t get happy with what we have done. We don’t get excited about the outcome. We don’t feel craving rather it feels like a duty. We don’t live actually, without ‘interest.’
Interest directly relates with enthusiasm, fun, happiness and satisfaction.
I like to write. I have interest in writing. It has been like a part of my life and i love it. i feel every undescribable emotion in this world when i write. I feel complete. It feeds my soul to the deep. It feels like through writing, i talk with my soul. Everyday and everytime when i write, i get to know myself better. I meet a different version of me in every writings of mine. Its all because i have interest in it that makes me feel exhilarating about it.
Interest is a cool thing. It can change you! Your life too!

In love with Newness ❤

Frank. Easy to talk to. Fun peep. Extrovert. 
These words define my personality when it comes to make friends.
This world is full of lovely souls just like you, one just need to find.
Meeting new people with common interests as mine, making a bond of friendship with them, sharing a little or lot, listening to them, I love this!
I’ve always been an extrovert. I’m always up to meet new people, exploring new places, doing new things, finding new self of me time to time.
I’m in love with newness, no matter if that newness brings with it bad people or good! Good ones add up happiness in life and bad ones lesson.

Some people!

Some people.
They read you.
Actually you allow them to!
Why do you?
Its the feeling, the comfort and the matching of thinking level.

You start to open up yourself often in front of them and in the halfway you realize that you’re on the right track, its exactly what you wanted.

They understand you easily, as easily as the way you understand yourself but it feels like they have known you already for years, maybe more than that, maybe more than you’ve known yourself!

You start to listen.The thing which you haven’t done earlier in your life.
They speak and you listen. How good it is!

You want to hear then. About them.

These kind of people are foremost in life. If you’ve some like them, then you’re lucky. They’re a kind of treasure, never lose them.
Surround yourself with them. You’ll see yourself growing!


Murder. Full of suspense.
Love. Eternal one.
And Combo of both!
In search of a story like this!

Amalgamation of a soft heart and a sharp mind
Blend of anger and love
Fusion of evil and good

Something like a mystery.
A story filled with never ending excitement of ‘what happens next’
Suspense being an indispensable part.
Romantic hearts and criminal minds.
Love in the air to blood everywhere.

They say when you’re in love, the one that happens once in lifetime, you can do anything to get it. Just anything! Even muder???

Searching ….

Dreams, ideas, plans, goals, success!

Dream. Dream big.
Make your plans bigger, bigger than those you actual aspire and dream for!
Coz then you will work more and more in order to achieve anything and everything you could, to set a grip upon your work, to work with more focus, to work with more positivity and to understand the real value of time!

Water the seeds of your plans and ideas daily! Treat them the best way you can coz they’ll take you towards your ultimate destination, your goals, success.
Make them appear alive! And carry on with this thought in your mind that you will definitely achieve your goals, someday, someday that’s not very far!

Belief. You should have this with you attached with glue! Never ever lose it.

Focus. Forget about every distraction while you’re working.

Speed. Don’t run too fast or too slow. Maintain the run.

Inspiration. Meet successful people. Often.

Motivation. The best kind I know is Self-motivation.

Failure. Never think about it.

Success. Always think about it.

Passion. Try not to lose it. Work passionately or simply don’t.

Luck. Please do not consider this word. It distracts and nothing.

Hard work. You know now what you gonna do.
Start working.
Keep going. Always remember, you can do it!
All the best.

Coz I’m afraid of hurt!

It made me who i am now.
It changed me.
I wasn’t like who I’m now, the one who hides the real side of herself.

Hurt. This word haunts me.
First hurt. Its something that could be mend easily because you know that you were strong enough.
Hurt makes you weaker.
You can’t break twice or thrice or repeatedly and mend yourself better. Every time you get hurt, you get back to the first hurt. It becomes real hard to start the mending process from the beginning of the first hurt. It reopens many wounds and makes you nothing but weaker and more weaker.

Have been feeling low since evening.
Have been thinking a lot about the reality of my soul.
The person I pretend to be is different from who I’m. Totally different. Coz I’m afraid of hurt.

I see myself in disguise. Sometimes.

I’m shy, soft inside, delicate, lighthearted but nobody knows it. In front of everybody I’m a frank, bold and strong girl.
Its good to have an image like me in today’s world. By showing your weaknesses and realities, you give the power to the people to hurt you or belittle you.

But I question myself tonight!
Is it really good to hide who you actually are? Maybe its not. Maybe not in front of some people, who actually care about you!

But you can’t travel in 2 boats at one time!
Choosing is mandatory. There is no way to manage being both sides. Life’s not a movie. Double roles don’t exist in real.
Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m not double faced atleast. I’ve chosen this strong side of mine and I’ll be stuck with it forever.
I’ll always keep hiding that soft side of mine ! Always.. Coz I’m afraid of hurt.

Bad times. Temporary times.

Bad phases, times, situations, conditions are temporary. Fix it right in your mind!
Temporary things just pass, quickly! Sometimes even in the blink of an eye!
Trust me, if you are going through any bad phase of life, it will pass, soon! Till then, be positive. Don’t ruin yourself! Don’t break yourself. AND NEVER QUIT. Do not even think about it. Throw away this word from your dictionary, NOW!
Bad times are like a test, a test for a better tomorrow, for a better future of ours!

Why do bad times come in our lives?

It is just that the God wants to prepare us, to know about our capabilities and strength for survival and this is his way, to put us in hell so that he get to know about us, how easily we manage to pass through that hell.

Why does he choose bad times for the test?

Simple, that’s because he is very well aware of the human nature. We humans transform very quickly to a negative version of us in the bad times.
We do the the unpredictable then.
Patience flies away far.
Anger turns into grudges.
We become extremely impatient. Negativity casts spell on us.
The ultimate aim of God is to prepare us to cope up with the hardships in the bad times.
He has created us and he wants us to be always strong, no matter what.
God knows us well. He has great plans for us. For everyone. For a beggar to a millionaire! For YOU.

Believe in yourself and never stop loving yourself. 
You’ll be good again. Soon.
Soon the happiness will come knocking your door. You just gotta be patient and positive.
Keep going. God is with You!

Want to write more and more..

I’ve been writing a lot for a few days. Like a lot!
I want to write more. More like in length. I write short. Sometimes real short.
I want to aggrandize the topic’s matter chosen.
I want to explain the deep understanding and the intense meaning of what I really feel while writing.
I want to pen down every single thought popping in my mind related to the stuff while writing. Even the commas, fullstops and the pauses being paramount among all.
I want to blend the explanation and the feelings altogether and make it look more real.
I want to read as much as I write. Even more.
I want to explore more. Exploring something and writing about its experience is real fun. One should enjoy what they write. One should not just write. Feeling it is a must.
I want to go down deep, real deep into the ultimate morals of my writings.
I want to know about the mental state of the people who read my writings.
What do they really feel about my writings?  What is the truth behind their compliments?
Do they really like what I write?
What do they think about me as a person on the whole?
Do they judge me by the way I write, by the topics of my writings?
Do they like me or not?
I want to know about all of it.
I want to know myself as some other person.
I want to completely know about ME.
This craving to know more and more about myself is to make myself better in each and every flaw I have.
I want to improve because there’s a lot to.
May this Treasure of Writing in me lasts till eternity!