Okay, so what is it?
This never ending wait kinda stuff that I’m stuck in!
No, actually ‘wait’ isn’t the apt word here. It’s more of something natural which my mind or don’t know some part of body; maybe heart; produces or makes or generates.

Sometimes I think that I’m completely OK being alone and feel the luckiest on the Earth to get a life which I’ve been living and everything which I’ve been through; bad and good times; lessons; experiences, etc and thank God a zillion times for the same and the other times; rare though; I feel stuck, trapped and totally blank about my life. I feel extremely low that I almost feel like vomiting out it all in one go!

A mental state like mine is very, very rare to find. I used the word ‘rare’ in the above sentence so as not to sound self obsessed about myself. I could have used the word ‘impossible’ in place of ‘rare’ but then it would have been a big example of self obsession. I mean I’ve met a thousand souls in my life and not even a single one is closer to what and who I am.

People are normal, I’m not. I’m a weirdly abnormal version of people which is rarely found. Again used ‘rarely’ for the same purpose as mentioned above.
So ‘rare’ says that there are a few souls like me on the Earth whom I haven’t met yet. I don’t wish to meet someone as exactly as I am because then I’d probably die or something of shock. I’m just lookin’ for someone who can understand me 99% and who’s almost 60% like me. See, 60% is not much I’m asking for!
Understanding is a bit difficult task though!

Being hell positive and in the search of ‘rare’ , I’ve been rejecting bad souls for so long and this thing drives me crazy sometimes!

When will this stop?
Will I ever come to meet the ‘rare’? Or ‘rare’ is nothing but an illusion?
Hahhh! Don’t know! Being positive though, since forever! 😎


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