Love Lasts

Innocence on some faces is permanent!
They did the unexpected with you
Broke you once, wholly
Betrayed you
But whenever you look into their eyes, at their innocent face, you forgive ’em for everything in a moment!
You forgive ’em everyday.
You just can’t stop loving ’em coz that’s called love in its truest sense, that’s the unending power of love; of eternal love.
It never ends, only gets more and more intense as the time passes by!
Looking at ’em randomly sometimes feels heavenly.
It is like you’re sitting in heaven in the company of stars and the brightest one among ’em is the one sitting right next you! Magical it is.
It is like your soul meet theirs for a fraction of second till the eye contact lasts.
That quick meeting of souls is incredible,
leaves you mesmerized for a moment,
makes you feel complete for a second,
turns out you to the world’s happiest soul from the lost one till the eyes blink!
The effect lasts for some minutes or more and that feels divine!
Love is the strongest emotion in the world. You can never let it go.
Love lasts!
Till eternity, I know.


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